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The automatic winding mechanism deals with keeping the watch wound up as you move around. It consists of the rotor (or oscillating weight as it’s also known) and a series of different wheels, sitting between two bridges. As you move around, the rotor always wants to be towards the lowest point of the watch due to gravity. For example if you’re holding your automatic watch with the crown pointed in a downward direction, the rotor will be hanging down in the same way. The rotor is weighted on its outer section to encourage its motion.

As the rotor moves, a series of wheels transmit the force through to the ratchet wheel, which thus winds the mainspring.  Most Automatic watches use a similar design which features bi-directional winding.  The rotor winds up the watch regardless of the direction it is turning. In order to allow for this bi-directional winding, Del Mar uses a wheel called a reverser.


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