Del Mar Military Watch Sale - Save 20% with HERO24

Celebrate Valor and Precision with Del Mar's Military Watch Collection

July, Honor Our Heroes with an Exclusive 20% Discount.

At Del Mar Watches, we recognize the courage and dedication of the men and women who serve our nation. That's why, this month, we're proud to offer an exclusive 20% discount on all watches from our Military Collection. Whether you're an active service member, a proud veteran, or a supporter of our armed forces, our meticulously crafted timepieces are designed to complement the valor of our military personnel.

A Tribute to Each Branch
Del Mar Watches has a long-standing tradition of honoring military service through precision and craftsmanship. Our Military Collection features watches dedicated to each branch of the U.S. Military:
Each watch in our collection is more than just a tool for timekeeping; it’s a symbol of dedication and honor, featuring insignia and designs that reflect the spirit of each service branch.

Designed for Durability and Functionality
Our Military Watches are built to meet the demands of both active duty life and civilian adventures. Key features include:

  • Water Resistance: Up to 200 meters
  • Robust Construction: Withstand the rigors of daily activities and extreme conditions
  • Long Life Battery: Reliable performance when it matters most
  • Visibility: Luminous hands and markers for clear reading in low-light conditions

Special Offer: Limited Time Only
From now until July 31, 2024, we're offering a 20% discount on all Military Collection watches. Use the coupon code HERO24 at checkout to claim your discount. It’s our way of saying thank you to those who give so much.

Wear a Piece of History
Each Del Mar Military Watch is not just a piece of precision engineering; it’s a piece of history. Ideal for those who appreciate the finer things in life and those who want to own a piece of a legacy dedicated to service and excellence.

Whether you are commemorating a service, gifting a loved one, or treating yourself, these watches serve as a daily reminder of bravery and dedication. Visit our website today and explore our collection. Don’t miss this opportunity to own or gift a symbol of honor and precision.

Embrace the spirit of the Corps with every tick.

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