10 BEST Scuba Diving CARIBBEAN Destinations for 2023

According to Traveling Guide the 10 BEST Scuba Diving CARIBBEAN Destinations for 2023

Choosing a dive watch for your Caribbean dive and snorkel vacation is a great idea to ensure you have a reliable timepiece that can handle underwater activities. Here are a few considerations for selecting a dive watch, followed by a list of some top destinations in the Caribbean:

Dive Watch Considerations:

  1. **Water Resistance:** Ensure the watch has sufficient water resistance for your planned activities. For recreational diving and snorkeling, a watch with at least 200 meters (20 ATM) water resistance is typically suitable.

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  1. **Durability:** Look for a watch with a robust case and scratch-resistant crystal to withstand the rigors of water activities.

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Many of our clients have been purchasing replacement bands, batteries and occasionally a new crystal for more than 15 years. The watches are timeless.

  1. **Rotating Bezel:** A unidirectional rotating bezel is essential for tracking elapsed time underwater.

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  1. **Luminescent Markers:** Ensure the watch has luminescent markers for visibility in low-light conditions underwater.

Del Mar Watch is the answer > Check! Check! Plus, many watches have nautical flags on watches which can contribute to the overall design.

  1. **Strap:** Consider the type of strap, whether it's a metal bracelet or a durable rubber strap, depending on your preference and comfort.

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The Travel & Leisure Video features the top 10 Caribbean Dive and Snorkel Destinations including commentary on all levels of experience. This comprehensive list should be a keeper.

Remember to check the specific features and water resistance of the watch you choose to ensure it meets your needs for diving and snorkeling in the Caribbean.

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